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FAUST / DOR 2007

"Sami Luttinen is an elegant, tall, movable Méphistophélès that mixes brilliantly heroic, black and buffonesque tones."

DIE WELT 28.02.2007, Stefan Keim

sami luttinen mephistopheles faust
sami luttinen le pere louise
"Sami Luttinen draws - with his bass voice guided between noblesse and fearful roaring - a harrowing study of Père wavering between the betraying fatherly love and frustration. In the first act, where Charpentier puts this figure quote-like wisdom in the mouth, Luttinen created a tribute to his great Seneca, in the fourth act he manages the poignant character study of a broken man."  
DER NEUE MERKER 30.09.2008, Dirk Altenaer
"As a stark contrast to Billy trumps the dark lurking Claggart by Sami Luttinen. With high thin shape and deep black, phenomenal differentiating Gottlob-Frick-type of bass voice his master-at-arms is the pure incarnation of evil, Iago and Scarpia seeming relatively harmless against his scorn for the weakness of the good."
DAS OPERNGLAS 5/2011, B.Kempen
sami luttinen claggart billy budd
sami luttinen gurnemanz parsifal


"Sami Luttinen is a sometimes angry Gurnemanz with a clear bass voice and an impressive understanding of the text. He sings his long narration in the first act balmy with a clear phrasing and bows that make up a great tension. Particularly impressive he does this in the third act's Anointing and Coronation Scene as well as in the subsequent Good Friday Spell."

OPERNNETZ 06/2013, Andreas H. Hölscher

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